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Good evening Mr. President and Staff, its hell out here and the innocent are being violated. You should start deploying soldiers in every city immediately to kill the chaos and save lives. Sincerely, Mr. Aware Good evening Mr. President and Staff, its hell out here and innocent are being violated. You should start deploying soldiers in every city immediately to kill the chaos and save lives. Sincerely, Mr. Aware Ban taxing people hard earned money. The poor need their money to survive. They barely make enough to survive Satan/kids needs to be dethroned and subdued. Let me show you how it is done! Sincerely, Mr. Anthony Ware Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal stands no chance of passing the Senate! The president is just a puppet for the central banking cartel. They rule the country and have since 1913. The Democratic party lost its roots when it disconnected with its blue-collar past Alexandria Cortez is another communist, socialist, humanist and labourist! If the Korean situation is resolved peacefully we can all thank Obama for his foreign policy wisdom Oprah for President? Why not? Oprah could breeze past Donald Trump in a presidential race Trump's policies are having a wonderful effect on other Governments. They are working together to build relationships that will assist in overcoming the coming recession. Democrats won in governors races in Virginia and New Jersey! When Trump is gone, the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief We don’t need a bounty on reasons to impeach Trump, we need a Congress that is willing to impeach Trump!!! Hey trump. It's not the event planner. It's YOU! Nobody wants to waste their time seeing YOU! Where is Ivanka's place? - Her place is in the kitchen!!! Trump is so used to being the aggressive one in a handshake that he doesn't know what to do around another alpha male. This time Macron beats Trump at "hand jujitsu" Courage + Conviction + Moral Strength = Donald Trump The final lesson of Watergate for those in the White House is that even the most powerful office in the world is not necessarily powerful enough to prevent the truth from coming out. So the celebrating in the streets in New Jersey happened. We know this because we saw in on the nightly news feeds. Question is where were you? Were you in New Jersey to see this or were you in New York. There is proof you claimed to be both places. You might want to ask someone if you could be in two places at once. Evidently from your own words you don't know. A leader in the Democratic Party is a boss, in the Republican Party he is a leader. You keeping talking about businesses over seas and American jobs screaming bring them home. Well why don't you close down all of your and you families foreign businesses. Put your money where your mouth is. President-elect Donald Trump tell me, what is a repeal and replacement of Obamacare likely to look like? Goodbye Obama, you will be missed! Trump speaks his mind and does not say many rumors that are not true. I like how he will make the wall to keep immigrants out Donald Trump would be the worst president ever! Obama will be missed! Vote Trump for our president! Long live America! Donald, you have to win this campaign! I won't vote for Hillary Clinton, and I won't vote for Donald Trump! It's because it's my vote, and I choose not to use it for them. I choose not to cooperate. If necessary, I'll abstain. Hillary Clinton declared a historic victory for women as she grasped the Democratic party nomination and the chance to become America's first female president! Congratulations! That moment when Obama DESTROYS Donald Trump...The look on Trump's face was priceless!!! Gun grab, around the Constitution? Bad idea. This Country does not succumb to tyranny. Your muslim brohood, will not prevail in the United States. So prepare to deal with them all by your little self when January 20, 2017 rolls around. God bless, because allah ain't gonna be there. So Iran doesn't mean "Death to America"???? The Republicans are the reason iran appears to be evil, and sneaky, and liars, and frauds, and phonies and corrupt and threatening, and provoking war?? Appears the real problem with Iran is they have sucked you into an absolutely ridiculous, unbelievable concession and will do what they please because you are an are the most incompetent person to ever get in the White House for the past 235 years. The blood of 4 more American patriots on your hands. 4 in Tennessee now and 4 in Benghazi. Well 8 that we know of. A 2 pound chicken (kerry) and a 50 pound fox (iran). I would say that is an accurate description of this iran giveaway. You are a low life. The lowest form of evil. How dare you bring your anti-American rant about gun control into the public, when South Carolina is trying to come together and heal from something evil invading their town. You are a blob of rejected DNA on the human food chain. You are worried Iran might liepace and cheat on your so called treaty deal? Are you even living in the same universe as the rest of us? Were you one of the stupid people the alien space ship dropped up and are laughing at us because they have no intention of coming back to get you.? Yes, the good World Leaders are snubbing you. You have proven yourself as a complete incompetent again, and again and again. Your muslim brotherhood ties are well documented as your attitude about Christians and your disrespect for Israel. You are a FAILURE. We all know it, but your narcissism will never allow you to realize it. Again we have a Police Officer assaulted and having to use deadly force. Again we have the stupid element that wants him fired and prosecuted. I have a solution: The next time you get mugged, robbed, assaulted, car jacked, burgled don't call the Police! You are to represent the people not your own demented ideas. How does a President not know that his Sec of State is not using a security e-mail account, assigned to her by the most secure technology in the world? Yet there was excellent communication and real time pictures when you photo oped the dispatching to he$$ of bin laden. How has the technology become so bad since that time that you have to read all the illegal activity of government in the paper. Government of which you are supposed to be President of? Oh I would like to sell you one of my Unicorns. I can even find a male with very feminine style for you. What a tiny, tiny world you reside in, the space between your ears that makes you call o-care a success. Lies more lies and more pr to try and impress yourself. We know you lie. Just curious. What ever made you think you were intelligent? Please contact the Government of Norway as they very specifically seem to know how to enforce their laws. You really, really, desperately, legally, morally and just intelligence wise need all the right kind of help you can get. You are not special. You are not brilliant. You are a traitor to the United States, and one that because of his ego doesn't even know that you are really, really stupid. The longer you are in office the more my first impression of you is verified. You do not have a clue about the law, the United States, or anything else for that matter. You are a complete and total roadkill stupid. That is actually being generous. If you are the smartest man in the room, it must be a very, very, tiny room. thanks for you savings on medical cover with your wonderful obamacare. It has saved me from having a net income increase of $44 in 2015 to an increase of "$2". You need to resign before you are kicked out and put on trial for treason...which you have committed many times. That and being a traitor. You have never followed through on your oath of office. Mr. President, How can you be considering taking us to war again when US women are not even fully recognized in our Constitution? It's long past time to ratify the ERA! I stand with President I got your back you and first Lady and thank for let live a black man in the White House and Family. I am so proud of you and he first family and you deserved a vacation Congress stay one. I rather prefer to say "Happy birthday, MR. PRESIDENT!! You are a PRESIDENT ordained by GOD! No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper! No lawsuit or impeachment contrived against you shall sustain! You are the PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT, doing the people's work. You are protected by ALMIGHTY GOD!! Your detractors shall perish in shame, and your name will be etched in the indelible annals of history as one of the greatest leaders to walk this earth, in Jesus' Holy Name, amen!" And I know that's what they're afraid of, and want to tarnish. But they will fail woefully!! Please Save Gaza... <3 <3 <3 If refugee status cannot be offered to all the children, then do not offer it at all. That is called discrimination. Anyway, we need to take care of the American children who currently live in poverty and are also at high risk. Cough Cough Cough??? Federal Law protects our right to fly that Flag. The law is Freedom To Fly HR 42 103 Section 3. So anyone who tries to impose on your rights is in violation of Federal Law. It is time for all of us to stand up and tell these little wanna be rulers to stuff their little rules and try to make us take down that flag. Under Freedom to Fly HR 42 103 Section 3. Federal Law. No one can forbid someone from flying the American Flag. Please pass this on to as many people as you can find. Everyone needs to know this. I think it is time for you to resign. You have done enough damage to the USA. This ILLEGAL immigration nightmare needs to STOP!! ALL ILLEGALS need to be DEPORTED. We have too many unemployed AMERICANS and way too much debt to be SUPPORTING people that are NOT our responsibility!!! I WILL NOT vote for anyone supporting amnesty!!! please leave now before you totally destroy America!!!!!! you are not eligible to be a president. Take a look at this and you have already know why. President Obama Please dnew EPA regulations go through. It will kill jobs and skyrocket energy prices, my husband finally found a decent job, dont take his away from us, do not pass this bill. President Obama, Sir: I would like to apologize to you and your family for all that you have been subjected to during your tenure. I just want you to know that millions love you. appreciate you and are grateful for all you have done. Watching you, so graceful, seeming to enjoy all peoples. and your charming wife who works in the interest of children and our military personnel. make me proud to be an American. I am thankful to ser this before my demise. May God always bless you. Sincerely, Patricia C.Losey. My World need Peace World Leaders work for Peace because my daughter is a widow(53) and makes minimum wags she wasn.t able to get Medicaid or insurance. she only quaiifies for $!6.00 in food stamps.i'm on Social Security and have to help her buy groceries Please use your presidential power to raise the wages p 10.10hr Dear Berry, Pleas admit that your not born in the U. S. and you want to destroy our nation that you don't love. Mr. President! You're doing great job! Dear President Obama, I want my fellow us citizens to know that I think you ROCK!!! I know that there are a lot of kinks to work out with the new health care bill. Any changes this big take time to sort out. Please be patient fellow americans! Please do not be self centered. Think of how many Americans can now be receiving medical care. My husband and I both have masters degrees but have suffered from the recession. We have 2 young daughters age 5 and 7. We now have affordable healthcare and are grateful to President Obama for his work in healthcare reform. leave, go away, move.... For the sake of the future of our nation, please Mr. President retract the Affordable Care Act. Me. President, You are doing such a good job, The health issue is till pretty messed up but is being fixed. I live in Texas and I think we are prettry much screwed by our poloticians here keeping people from medicaid. I have it for now but may lose it later on when my disability check amount goes up one or two more times then I'm doomed. So I'm concerned about that not just for me but others. You see everytime we get an increase everything else goes up too, like rent. It's kind of a no win situation. I sure you know this. I think you will be known as the great one not because of the mistakes you've made but for the accomplishmnts you made. WOW Insurance. You did what know one else could and that's wonderful. Thank you Mr. Obama. i commend you for doing what you can, i just wish you had moe congress by your side. god luck and may you and your family have a very merry christmas Let's Fix the U.S. Economy! Speak out about the anti-gay laws in Russia! Enough Gun Talk – Let’s Look At The Mental Health Crisis in the United States Given the circumstances, the Iran nuclear deal is phenomenal. The nuclear weapons had to come before human rights concerns. Now that we have a deal on nuclear weapons, use that leverage to pursue human rights issues. Obama is disappointment. Obamacare should have a chance. Don't let conservatives rule our lives. I don't care about Iran, i want health insurance. If you remove the word god from money & oaths, then you move closer to the constitution - seperation of church & state. IF YOU REMOVE THE WORD GOD FROM MONEY, OATHS THEN YOU HAVE MANAGED TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY AND WHAT OUR FOR FATHERS DIED FOR. GOOD GOING. I'M GLAD I DIDN'T VOTE FOR YOU AT ALL Please go home Mr Obama. As a married woman of a USN (retired) veteran, you have done ZERO to ease our worries or problems. On the contrary you have made our lives a living hell. Either do your job or step down. We should ALL be treated the same under this horrible mistake that is Obamacare! I'm glad that the republicans are finally taking a stand! Republicans are fighting for EQUALITY!!! Republicans have gone mad. It's our fault, we have send those people to Congress. Let's close Washington DC! Finally, Obama shows some leadership. Ted Cruz is insane. Someone stop him, please. Good speech in UN, Mr President, but speech are words and nothing else. It's hard to believe that we are talking about government shutdown:IT'S CRAZY ObamaCare will save lives We are hostages of Republican stupidity Enough with Middle East, we have our own problems. ObamaCare has saved my life!!!! Even Michelle is against Barack Obama, isn't that enough? Where's chemical weapons evidence? Do not attack Syria, there's still room for diplomacy!


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Do you fear for America's future?
Do you fear for America's future?
Do you want to see a female president?
Do you want to see a female president?
Nuclear deal
Is the Iran nuke deal good for the US?
Ted Cruz as president
Could Ted Cruz become the next President of the United States?
Net neutrality regulations
Do you support net neutrality regulations?
Does Obamacare work for you?
Unbreakable bond
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Does President Obama love America?
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Should the US arm Ukraine?
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Do you vaccinate yourself and your children?
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Victim of a terrorist attack
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Is justice system unfair to minorities?
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Who shot Bin Laden?
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Voter ID law
Do you support the voter ID law?
Do we need an Ebola czar?
Do we need an Ebola czar?
Independent candidate
Would you vote for an independent candidate?
Ebola virus
Do you fear the Ebola virus?
A good Attorney General?
Was Eric Holder a good Attorney General?
Is he tough?
Is President Obama tough enough to ISIS?
Do you consider ISIL Islamic?
Better president than Hillary Clinton?
Would Mitt Romney be a better president than Hillary Clinton?
Are you interested in the midterm elections?
Obama's response
Do you approve of Obama's response to Ferguson?
Beheading video
Would you watch the James Foley beheading video?
Police in America
Does the police in America need to be demilitarized?
US airstrikes in Iraq
Do you support the US airstrikes in Iraq?
CIA Director John Brennan
Should CIA Director John Brennan be fired?
Is Obamacare working for you?
Airplane trvel
Do you fear flying in the wake of the Malaysia crash?
The next president
Would you like to see Mitt Romney as the next president?
The greatest country in the world
Is the US still the greatest country in the world?
World Cup
Are you following team USA at the World Cup?
Midterm elections
Do you care about the midterm elections?
Hillary’s new book
Will you read Hillary’s new book?
Cutting carbon emissions
Do you support cutting carbon emissions?
NYC horse carriages
Should NYC horse carriages be banned?
Eric Shinseki
Should Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resign?
Global wealth tax
Is a global wealth tax a good idea?
Voter ID laws
Do voter ID laws offend people?
"Kissing congressman"
Should the "kissing congressman", Rep. Vance McAllister, resign?
Do you blame Democrats for the high rate of unemployment?
Too much taxes
Is the middle class paying too much in taxes?
ObamaCare rollout fiasco
Is Sebelius responsible for the ObamaCare rollout fiasco?
George W. Bush’s paintings
Do you like George W. Bush’s paintings?
Lane closures
Do you believe that Chris Christie didn't know about the lane closures?
Do you approve of ObamaCare now?
"Mom jeans"
Should Obama lose his "mom jeans"?
World Cup 2014
Should Russia be kicked out of the World Cup?
Right to vote
Should non-violent felons be allowed to vote?
Climate disaster
Have we doomed civilization to climate disaster?
Ted Cruz
Is Ted Cruz the face of the Republican Party?
Workers salary
Are women in the US paid less than men?
American middle-class
Can Obama save the American middle-class?
Wendy Davis
Is Wendy Davis still a credible candidate?
Michelle Obama
Do you have a favorable view of Michelle Obama?
Chris Christie as a presidential candidate
Is Chris Christie still a viable presidential candidate?
Disclosing classified NSA documents
Should Snowden be charged for disclosing classified NSA documents?
Was 2013 a good year to live in America?
The worst year of Obama's presidency
Was 2013 the worst year of Obama's presidency?
Ted Cruz as president
Should Ted Cruz run for president?
Greatest men of our time
Was Nelson Mandela one of the greatest men of our time?
Will Obamacare be a good legacy for Obama?
A big deal?
Is the Senate Democrats' decision to strike down filibuster rules a big deal?
Does the President deserve more time to fix ObamaCare? debacle
Is Obama responsible for the debacle?
Office run
Should Hillary Clinton run for office in 2016?
Should HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resign?
Tea Party
Do you approve of the Tea Party?
Do you want your representative in Congress re-elected?
US Default
Do you fear the consequences of a possible US default?
Back down
Should Republicans back down on Obamacare?
Government shutdown
Will the federal government shutdown affect you?
Should ObamaCare be defunded?
Economic recovery
Do you feel the benefits of the economic recovery?
US foreign policy
Do you approve of Obama's handling of US foreign policy?
Attack against Syria
Should Obama withdraw authorization for the proposed attack against Syria?
Cory Booker's sexual orientation
Do you care about Cory Booker's sexual orientation?
Syria's civil war
Should the United States intervene in Syria's civil war?
Economic conditions
Are economic conditions better or worse than last year?
Low-level drug crimes
Do you agree with scaling back tough sentences for low-level drug crimes?
Obama canceling his summit with Putin
Did President Obama make the right decision in canceling his summit with Vladimir Putin?
Huma Abedin
Do you have any sympathy for Huma Abedin?
Bradely Manning
Did Bradely Manning actually aid our enemy?
Mayor of New York
Is it a time for female mayor of New York?
Anthony Weiner
Would you vote for Anthony Weiner?
'Stand your ground' legislation?
Do you support 'stand your ground' legislation?
U.S. boycott
Should the U.S. boycott the Winter Games if Russia grants asylum to Edward Snowden?
Immigration bill
Do you want members of the House to take up the Senate's immigration bill?
Do you think the US economy is in recovery?
Are same-sex marriages exactly the same as hetero marriages?
Snowden being brought up on charges
Do you agree with Snowden being brought up on charges?
NSA surveillance
Do you believe that NSA surveillance was for the common good?
US intervention
Should the US intervene in Syria?
Edward Snowden - a hero?
Do you think Edward Snowden is a hero?
National Security
Does the National Security Agency have the right to monitor our phone calls in order to protect national security?
National Security Adviser
Do you agree with the appointment of Susan Rice as the President's National Security Adviser?
IRS's targeting of conservative groups
Do you believe the Obama administration ordered the IRS's targeting of conservative groups?
Are you sorry to see Michele Bachmann leave Congress?
Do you think the IRS frequently abuses its powers?
Do you trust Obama's decisions in the fight against terrorism?
Obama's second term
Will recent scandals taint Obama's second term?
Death penalty
Should prosecutors seek the death penalty for Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro?
Do you believe that the Obama administration mishandled the tragic events in Benghazi?
Morning-after pills
Do you support over-the-counter distribution of morning-after pills to women aged 15 and over?
Guantanamo Bay
Should Guantanamo Bay be closed?
George W. Bush
Do you think George W. Bush was a good president?
Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev likely to be sentenced to death?
Boston Marathon explosions
Are you more concerned about terrorism following the Boston Marathon explosions?
Visit to Cuba
Do you have problem with Beyonce and Jay-Z visiting Cuba?
Gun control
Do you support the gun control bill?
Do you believe
Do you believe that Margaret Thatcher changed things for the better?
Obama's compliment
Was Mr. Obama's compliment to Ms. Kamala Harris in fact an offense?
North Korea's threats
Do you fear North Korea's threats?
Gay marriage
Do you support gay marriage?
Gun-control measures
Do you support gun-control measures?
US economy
Will US economy recover by this time next year?
Do you think the Republican party needs change?
Charm offensive
Do you support Obama's "charm offensive"?
The new pope
Do you care who the new pope will be?
Do you support Arkansas’ new strict abortion ban?
Pope Benedict resigns
Could the next Pope come from Africa?
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